CAVE PAINTINGS   (2012/rev. ‘17)

Inspired by the stone age cave paintings of France and Spain, this work syncs video live to the concert performance via Max/MSP, and is available in two versions for orchestra or sinfonietta.

for orchestra and video (2016)

for sinfonietta and video (2012)

ca. 12’

Program Note

Tens of thousands of years before the written word or the invention of agriculture, anatomically modern humans began painting deep within the caves of southern France and northern Spain. Almost entirely depictions of Ice Age animals, these powerful and mysterious images are both elegant and abstract, remarkably sophisticated and deeply expressive.

Though we may never know the full story behind these paintings, they are a testament to the creativity of the human spirit and of our innate desire for artistic expression. My goal with "Cave Paintings" is to evoke the beauty, drama and mystery of these ancient images, to imagine the mythology and spirituality of their creators, and to honor the incredible sense of wonder and awe that these paintings continue to inspire in me.