Woodwind Quintet


Uplifting quintet inspired by mythology and an excerpt from the dhammapada

  Written for the 2012 Aspen Music Festival

ca. 6’

I. Exultation

II. In medias res

III. Illuminates the World…

Program Note

I. Exultation: a feeling of ecstatic, triumphant joy

II. In Medias Res (literally “In the middle of things”) is a literary device invented by the Classical Greek playwrights – it involves starting a story in the middle of the action rather than beginning with introduction and exposition. You see it all of the time today in the movies, for instance when a science fiction film starts in the middle of a space battle or an action movie starts with a chase scene.

III. Whoever replaces an evil deed with one that is good illuminates the world like the moon set free from a cloud.”  – Dhammapada verse 173